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"After participating in the SNAP training, my third grade students were so eager to begin working towards hopefully becoming SNAP ambassadors themselves! 


After participating in all the activities...the students had a better understanding of the struggles students with disabilities may go through. This activity helped my students become aware of how important it is to treat everyone with respect and kindness! 


Since participating in the training, many students go out of their way to help other classmates, sit with students who had no one to sit with, and just be kind to one another . . . this program truly teaches the value of kindness and respect, which has helped this become the climate and culture at Sussex Avenue School."

"Excited to start this amazing program again which continues to positively impact the climate of Sussex Ave school!"

-- Ms. Fortunato

Morristown, NJ

-- Mr. Jones

Morristown, NJ

-- Mrs. Schreiber

Randolph, NJ

-- Ms. Weber

Morristown, NJ

"I have seen immediate results in my classroom! My students continue to exhibit empathy and kindness, and I am looking forward to another year of SNAP programs!"

"Thank you for bringing this to our students, parents and teachers! Looking very forward to another illuminating experience!


. . . If you are not already familiar with the SNAP program, you need to be! "

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