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Board of Directors

Matthew Certner

Co-Founder of S.N.A.P. Inc,

Director of Education 


Zachary Certner

Co-Founder of S.N.A.P. Inc

Chief Financial Officer

(Special Needs Athletic Programs). 

Zachary is a Sales and Trading Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Graduated from Duke University in 2018 with a Computer Science and Economics undergraduate degree. Interested in technology, finance, and social media.

Kim Strasser

Director of Operations


Kimberle Strasser, SNAP Director, knows first hand as a parent of a special needs adult, what an incredible asset SNAP is to the Morristown community. Her son was one of SNAP’s first participants back in 2009 and benefited greatly from attending weekly sports clinics. He is lucky enough to have a best friend who was his mentor at SNAP 11 years ago.


When SNAP’s disability awareness training began in 2011, Kimberle became passionate about the program. After teaching special ed for 5 years and first grade for 2 years, Kim had to halt her teaching career to provide round the clock care for her son. So having an opportunity to be in the classroom teaching topics like acceptance, inclusion and awareness has become her life’s joy. Receiving bachelor degrees in Education and Psychology from College of Saint Elizabeth and a Master of Arts from Kean College, Kim hopes to use her teaching background and personal experiences to inspire kids to help others and embrace qualities that make us all unique

Dr. Alexandra Moosen

Director of Athletic Programs

Sue McNalley

Director of Communications

Daniel Certner

Chief Technology Officer

Barbara Spector

Director of Community Outreach

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