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The SNAP educational program was started in 2010 with funding through Autism Speaks. We developed a program that pairs a hands-on interactive training with an online eLearning that teaches empathy, and challenges students to eradicate bullying!

"Kindness Is Cool" has already been successfully implemented throughout numerous Morris County schools! After receiving funding and awards from Nickelodeon and Autism Speaks,

We would like to offer this program FREE to your school for the first year. The program typically costs $1 per student, which we challenge students to raise in order to help another school participate in the program for free. This self-sufficient training model has proven incredibly successful and we want to add your school to our SNAP family!



The training takes 2 days to complete (2 parts). The online portion of our course takes roughly 35-minutes to complete (the length of one gym or health class!) In addition to detailing the harmful consequences of bullying, the course provides an overview of autism and other special needs.


The second class is the hands on training (also taking 35-min to complete) which rotates students through modules simulating what it is like to have disabilities such as dyslexia, reading/writing disabilities, and cerebral palsy.


We recommend watching the training demos on our website for a better understanding of what our course entails! This class is easy to implement and the results are tremendous! Visit our website to register today! 

We can prove it!

Through our LMS (learning management system), we can track student responses in real-time and customize the hands on portion (part 2) for each classroom!



High Score

Low Score

The eLearning has a pre and post survey carefully designed by teachers and psychiatrists. Prior to taking the course, only 62.5% of our students measured having a positive attitude toward always including their fellow classmates. After completing the course, that number increased to 90% - with their teachers reporting tremendous changes at lunch and recess just days later.

Our post evaluation ranks students from 1-to-5, with a 4 or 5 representing a successful understanding of bullying and various disabilities, and a 1,2, or 3 listed as recommended for additional training.

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